Calendar Photo of the Month: June 2017

Calendar Photo of the Month: June 2017


Bowen Falls, Milford Sound • New Zealand

Bowen Falls is a so-called horsetail waterfall and with its fall height of 162m the highest one in the Milford Sound. On my bike adventure from Auckland to Christchurch, I had a day without cycling in Queenstown. Of course, I wanted to see as much of the area as possible, not knowing if or when I might be able to return. So I booked a flight and cruise adventure, flying from Queenstown to the Milford Sound and the cruising through it until the boat reached the Tasman Sea and returned back. I was lucky to be on one of the smaller boats, as they announced that they were able to take us closer to the shoreline than the other boats could. On our return trip, we stopped at this waterfall before going back to the pier, leaving again by plane toward Queenstown. There are other trips from Queenstown to Milford Sound, and all of them sound like great experiences, but for myself, I figured half a day out would be enough. After that, I would participate in a Lake, Forest, and Bird Walk on the shoreline of Lake Wakatipu, learning what I could about the unique New Zealand nature.

This photo is from my German Neuseeland (New Zealand) calendar. The story of this day is told here. More photos from New Zealand can be found on my website

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