Calendar Photo of the Month: June 2016

Calendar Photo of the Month: June 2016


Once a month I like to show you here one of the photos that has been published in one or more of my calendars.
The photo for June 2016 has been taken during my Scandinavian Adventure on the island of Otenilsøya, which belongs to the Lofoten. The story behind that day of the adventure is going to be published on this blog too.

This photo is the calendar photo for my English A-formatted Lofoten calendar and planner in June, and it is also included in the German Lofoten calendars for July.

The traditional fisherman’s cabin on the Lofoten is called a Rorbu. These cabins originate in a time, where the fishing boats were not large enough to have quarters for the fishermen. They were built in areas where survival during the entire year would not have been possible, but which were close to specific fishing grounds in the north – mostly fishing grounds for cod.
Today these cabins are used as holiday homes for tourists.

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