The Scandinavian Adventure: Kalundborg – Samsø – Aarhus

The Scandinavian Adventure: Kalundborg – Samsø – Aarhus

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yesterday evening, when we arrived at the hotel, we had learned that the ferry we wanted to take, today, to Aarhus was no longer operating. There was in fact no longer a direct connection between Kalundborg and Jutland.
This left us with two options: we could either go and find our way to Odde and take the ferry from there directly to Aarhus; or we could change our route to go via the island of Samsø to Jutland.
We decided to go for the later, as we had decided against going to Odde the day before when the path on our map looked as if it would send us to new gravel and forest paths, as well as have us find difficult to find junctions.
So I had spent an hour or so in mapping another day’s ride.
Yet the day had, even more, surprises in store for us, even before we left the hotel.
Solo had gone for a short walk into town after breakfast, while I went to prepare my bags for the new day’s ride. When he returned, he came with good and bad news for us. The good news was that he had found the explanation why I wasn’t riding as strong the other day as I usually would have. The bad news was it meant we had to repair my bike, since it had a flat back tire, before heading to catch the ferry to Samsø.
Now we were in some serious trouble. We had to repair my bike before going to the ferry terminal, yet the only ferry which would allow us to get all the way to Aarhus today was to leave only about an hour later.
But you cannot ride a bike on a flat tire anyway…so we hurried to get the repair done — and without Solo’s help it would have taken me much longer — and started making our way to the ferry terminal.
Thankfully we arrived there just in time to get our tickets and board the ferry to Kolby Kås on the Island of Samsø.


We enjoyed the 2-hour long ferry trip on the MS Samsø in beautiful weather. In Kolby Kås we thought to find a gas station to give my bike’s tire the maximum air, but unfortunately we learned soon that the nearest gas station was in Tranjeberg, a small town in the center of the Island, which was on our way to the next ferry harbor in Onsbjerg, if we decided not to follow the bike path but go on the road instead.
The ride from Kolby Kås was beautiful and went through some beautiful scenery as well, but at that point all I wanted was to re-inflate my tires and reach the next ferry harbor in time to catch the ferry over to Jutland. So I didn’t stop for a photo.
After my tire was re-inflated I really started enjoying the ride again, but of course I was aware of the fact that the few kilometers that I had done on a not properly inflated tire would cost me some power later on, so I was glad that we had a second ferry passage to relax before we would start out on our longest bike part of the day.
We arrived in Onsbjerg with an hour to spare, so we spent some time exploring the area and trying to find some nice spot to relax until the ferry would arrive.
The MS Kunhave took us from Onsbjerg to the small city of Hou on the mainland of Denmark, from where we started our 33-kilometer long bike ride toward Aarhus.
It was already late in the afternoon when we started our ride from Hou, so not having to ride too many kilometers before arriving where we thought to arrive a day earlier was quite relaxing.
In Odden we struggled a little bit to find the right junction toward Aarhus, when a nice Danish cyclist, realizing we were looking for something, asked if he could be of any help. He put us on the right track and from there we cycled mostly along the 451 toward Aarhus. We even dared to try out some of the marked cycling roads toward Aarhus and this time we weren’t disappointed by them as they were nicely paved roads a little away from the main road.

In Aarhus we had pre-booked a hotel room for a night, so now we had to find the hotel…following mostly my instincts I led us into the center of the town and turned left toward the railway station when we decided to take a short stop to verify that we were on the right track. Pushing our bikes through some of the streets to make sure we wouldn’t miss the right junction toward our hotel we made it, finally.
After I had gotten our room’s keys we only had to figure out where the bike parking was. The garage was easy to find…the bike parking within it was very well hidden though. So that, when we reached the second level in the garage, Solo asked me to go back to the reception and ask for better directions. One of the receptionists was kind enough to show me exactly where it was, so I returned to Solo, who was waiting for me to guide us to this parking area, we had gone one level too far down…but that’s what elevators are good for…before we finally went to our room.

We soon figured that we would like to stay not only for one night but for two, so on our way to the hotel’s restaurant we asked at the reception to change our reservation so that we could stay another night, which thankfully worked out. Now we will have a full day to spend in Aarhus to enjoy the city and its sights as well as to relax a little before we will make our way toward Aalborg and later on Frederikshavn.
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner, and after that, we decided to take a short walk into town to figure out what we could do on our spare day tomorrow.
After we had returned to our room later in the evening I started looking for hotels or hostels to stay at for our last few days. While this wasn’t too difficult for Aalborg, it really got difficult for Frederikshavn. For a while, I thought we would never find anything…and a campground several kilometers from the harbor, from where we would have to take an 8:30 a.m. ferry back to Oslo, was not an option. Finally, I found one page offering us a Family room in the youth hostel of Frederikshavn, only a stone’s throw away from the ferry harbor. So I made the reservation and was happy to see it getting confirmed. Now we really could start enjoying the time we had left on our trip through Denmark.
No more surprises…or maybe…

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