New Zealand Adventure: St. Arnaud – Westport

New Zealand Adventure: St. Arnaud – Westport

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I  started my day with another walk into the nearby forest. Because when I first got to the entrance of the building in which I should get my breakfast, the door was still closed and a sign told me that I had an hour to spend for myself. So I thought if nothing else I would enjoy the walk and have some time for myself before re-joining the group latest for breakfast. After breakfast and the — now quite common to all of us — loading the luggage into the trailer of the bus, we started the day with another transfer to Lyell some 93 kilometers west of Saint Arnaud.

Some members of our group had left the bus earlier on to ride a little further on that day. I would have loved to join them, but felt that I was not ready to do so, so I stayed with the main group instead.

Following the Buller River toward Westport

Once we got on our bikes near Lyell, we followed the Buller River for about 65 kilometers down to Westport. Even though there were no really hard climbs involved in today’s ride, the average temperature of 30.9˚C — peaking above the 35˚C line for about 20 kilometers of the ride – turned it into an exhausting tour. As soon as the temperatures dropped towards the end of today’s ride it became much easier to go on.

Maybe we should have left the street for a little while to cool ourselves down on one of the river sides – if only they had been reachable from the street, but most of the time the river was running in its gorge a couple of meters below and the walls of the gorge far too steep to climb down.

After arriving in Westport, I learned from someone of the group that there might be another chance to add some more kilometers to the bike ride the next day. This time I was certain that I was ready to do the additional kilometers.

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